Bathroom Remodeling in Montgomery County PA

Handyman MontCo in Montgomery County, PA, can do more to your bathroom than fix a leaky sink. We are a skilled crew of fully insured contractors that can completely remodel your bathroom and any other room you want to improve.

Your bathroom should be a nice place to take care of yourself. You spend more time in the bathroom than you might realize, and having the amenities you want can make a difference. No matter how old your bathroom is, it has the potential to be beautiful and functional. Counterspace can be increased, higher quality materials and the extra functionality of better lighting and easier access to electrical outlets are all common things replaced during a bathroom remodel.


A bathroom remodel might even come up to make it more accessible. Old age or an injury can make it difficult to use things like a standard shower or bathtub. There are options today that cater to people with mobility issues. A walk-in bathtub with winging doors and benches can make it possible and easy for someone to shower again, giving them back some independence.

Old bathrooms are inefficient and unreliable

Old bathrooms are inefficient and might not be performing as well as they could. What you have might already start to be leaking regularly or having trouble doing their primary function. A bathroom remodel with new lighting, plumbing, and flooring can rejuvenate the space and brighten up the room. There are thousands of bathrooms like this in Montgomery County. Remodeling an old bathroom can save you from leaky pipes and damage to your home. New bathroom fans are more powerful and effective at drawing moisture out of the room after a hot shower. This reduces the possibility of mold and mildew growth.

Have your bathroom change with you

As life progresses, you likely have different needs than when you were younger and your home. There’s a chance you have had children or sent them off to college or the workforce, suddenly becoming empty nesters. This is a perfect opportunity to call Handyman Montco to help you design a bathroom that will better suit your needs. It is common to want more storage space or add a sink to avoid fighting over the only one.

If nothing else, sometimes you are just ready for a change. After ten or twenty years of using the same bathroom every day, you can’t help but come up with a list of things you would do differently if you had the option to design the bathroom. Well, you do have that option. Around Montgomery County, you want to call Handyman MontCo to help you design a new bathroom with the features you have always wanted. Using quality materials and skilled contractors, they will have your dream bathroom remodel completed on time and within the budget.

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