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When you love your home’s location, it can be hard to leave just because you want a new living area or need more space. This is where a home addition could benefit you. It could also be an investment into your house to increase its potential resale value. Our team of home addition contractors at Handyman MontCo can help you make your home meet your family’s needs.

Sometimes a room addition is needed to keep up with a growing family or changing priorities. A home addition with a floorplan redesign can reallocate space to make a bigger kitchen or living room. It could also serve to make space for a new bedroom or laundry room. The options are endless. This could occur in the form of a small bump-out cabinet or closet or a full home addition project.

While some small housing projects can be done yourself, such as changing a drawer pull, but anything substantial should be done by a professional. There is a myriad of building codes to obey, and the quality of the work will be guaranteed. It is better to be safe and hire a reputable contractor such as Handyman MontCo to take care of additions that need any wall, plumbing, electrical, or structural work.

Home Addition – You Don’t Have To Move

Adding on something small like a four-season room can add that extra element to your home that you might have been missing when your home was originally built or something you wished you had when you bought the home. It just might not have been in the budget, or you didn’t think about it at the time. Make the most out of your existing home with a room addition. Let in lots of natural light with large windows that also let you look out and enjoy your landscape. Our home addition contractors team at Handyman MontCo can work with you to design and build the space you need.

Save Time And Money

A great way to save money on your remodel of a kitchen or living space is to add an addition at the same time. Or visa versa, have a remodel to match a new addition that is being planned. You wouldn’t want the new addition to have a much more modern look than the space around it. A good design will tie into all parts of the house with consistent color tones, patterns, and lighting. All the people, tools, and equipment are already there for the addition, and at Handyman MontCo, we will be happy to create a remodel that matches your new addition.

At Handyman Montco, our home addition contractors have all the skills and tools necessary to make your home addition a success. Stop living in your over cramped space. You don’t have to move. Designing, painting, roofing, and even a new brick walkway to a new three-season room are all things we excel at. 

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